About Me

Hello All and Thankyou for visiting my blog. 
My first interaction with a camera was on our trip to Missouri where I used my dads Canon 35mm film camera to take snap shots of flowers around a garden.  My parents a few years later got me my first digital Canon Powershot.  At this time though I didn't really think of photography seriously, I just walked around taking photos.  It wasn't until I started college that I really started to enjoy photographing and realized that this was something that I really enjoyed.  I start teaching myself about photography, actually sitting down and reading the camera manual and articles online.  I started small taking photos of flowers, landscapes, and did family portraits for my cousin.  My parents than helped me upgrade my camera this past Christmas to a Canon Rebel XS.  After this I started reading more up on photography and buying books to help me improve.  I also started trying different techniques and becoming adventurous with what I photograph. With wanting to learn more I started posting my photos on facebook pages to be critiqued by other photographers.  This eventually lead me to the page "Photocritique."  When I first joined it was a small group with photographers that had a true talent and hobby.  The photographers on this site have truely helped me to improve my photgraphing skills by sharing tips, secrets, and editing tips with me.  Now that I am feeling more confident in my work, I am offering services such as family portraits, farm portraits, and party events.  This has become a true hobby and passion for me.

My plans for future are to keep posting photos on Photocritique to learn more and improve my skills, build my portfolio, and take a few courses. 

Thankyou again for visiting my blog
-Sara Otto