Friday, January 29, 2010

Backyard in Mukwonago

One morning while visiting my family in Mukwonago, WI a possium was walking around our backyard and eating all the bird food that has fallen on the ground. The following photos were taking by myself and boyfriend Jeff.

Baby Shower

On January 23, 2010 my mother, Bonnie and sister, Jessica threw me a beautiful baby shower. They had my grandparents house decorated with a classic pooh theme. They had amazing games including figuring out what his in the dirty diaper, scratch cards, break the water, and no saying the word "baby". The food they put on was delicious and the cake was just gorgeous. I was showered with beautiful gifts for the soon to come baby and enjoyed visiting and spending time with my family and very close friends. My mother also made a beautiful diaper cake and a book shelf to put all of the baby's books (which i guarantee will be many since I love books!)The pictures following are photos that I took of the shower and taken by Laura G and my mother.

Photography by Chels

My friend Chelsea has ask me to design her business flyer's and logos. There are two different flyers shown, one is her regular business flyer and the other is a flyer to advertise senior portraits. Here are the results!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jessica's Portfolio Photos

Some of the modeling agencies that my sister has been applying to ask for portfolio or polariod photos. These photos are not suppose to be professional but simple. They asked for a plain background, so we used both just a black wall and a solid color bed sheet. I felt the bed sheet photos are better quality because they do not reflect the light as much back at the camera. We also used lamps and spotlights for extra lighting. The photos required that she wore form fitting shirts and jeans and also no makeup. We did a variety of photos showing shoulder up, her 3/4 profile, full body, and waist up. Depending on the modeling company we also did a variety of photos in color and black/white.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jeff's Senior Pictures

In the middle of December, I did Jeff Smith senior portraits. The photos were taken in my own backyard. We also did some in front of my fireplace which created a nice background.

Practice Portraits of Jessica

My sister Jessica is working on becoming a model and to give her some practice with different poses and scenry, I took her outside after the snowstorm in early December. This also gave me some practice with taking pictures and trying out different effects and angels. I also took the opportunity to take a beautiful portrait of my shetland sheepdog, Sammy.

Kettle Moraine State Park

The Kettle Moraine State Park located in southern Wisconsin is home to more than 20,000 acres of glacial hills, kettles, lakes, prairie restoration sites, pine woods and hardwood forests. It is also home to 3,500 acres of Scuppernong River Habitat Area which is the largest wet prairie east of the Mississippi River. You can also find Historical Sites inside the park, including Old World Wisconsin. After the snowstorm in the begining of December, my mother took me on a drive on Highway 69 which runs through part of the park. On this drive, I was able to take pictures of the beautiful winter scene and an old barn.

Christmas 2009

One of my Christmas presents that I received this year and most beloved one, was my new Canon Rebel camera. The photos below are of my family Christmas down in Mukwonago, WI with my boyfriend Jeff. Christmas Eve we opened the gifts from "Santa" and spent at Otto's side (dad). Christmas day was a day of relaxing and watching movies. We had a nice warm fire to keep us warm and lots of food to keep us full through out the day. My grandparents and aunt also came over to exchange a few presents. On the 26th we went over to the Schaffner's side (mom) of the family. It was great to see all my family, some who I have not seen since last Christmas and catch up with them all. Along with my camera, I received a portfolio book from my sister, a camera case, adobe photo shop elements 8 and many more.

Wozneil Family Photos

My cousin Jamie for the holiday season, asked me to take her family photos. She has two children, Chalrie Henry is 3 years old and Addison Taylor is about 7 months old now. I took the children's portraits at their house and took their family portraits at the Copper Dock restaurant. Also included in the family portraits was their family pet, Gus a black lab.